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Snow Bike Services

Quality Suspension Service


Suspension Revalve

Custom Suspension Specific To You

When it comes to your enjoyment and safety on your Snowbike there is nothing more important than properly adjusted suspension, and the demands of snowbike suspension are vastly different from conventional motorcycle forks. We use a professional suspension dynamometer to take an objective approach to your suspension. Turning clickers can only get so far, so let us custom tune your suspension specific to your unique needs.


*If your snow bike is also your dirt bike Lone Pine Performance will revalve your forks each time you switch your bike over at a discounted rate from our normal service price.

Fork - $400


Factory Rebuild

Better Than New Refresh

Just like any other piece of equipment, your suspension requires consistent maintenance to continue performing at it's best. Lone Pine Performance rebuilds consist of flushing and replacing fluids with top quality oils as well as changing out and lubricating all seals and wear items in your suspension.

Fork - $175

LPP Tuned fork with Seasonal Valving - $100


High Performance Coatings

Smoother Than Butter

Lone Pine Performance has developed proprietary methods for attacking the friction that exists in OEM suspension components. Reducing friction in your suspension leads to a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for you.

Fork - $100

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